About Us

Meet the People behind Extra Virgin

Shary Thur – Pecaro, Principal Owner
Cell: 202-359-3469
Email: sthur@extravirginva.com

Highly energized, very driven, and very focused owner of Extra Virgin. Also a big supporter of Breast Cancer Awareness. Shary has beaten Breast Cancer four times over the past 15 years. She has been Cancer free for 2 yrs now and sponsors many Breast Cancer events around the DC area. With sheer drive and energy, Shary reverberates with enthusiasm and stamina and is greatly felt when she’s in Extra Virgin. A very approachable restaurant owner, Shary always welcomes you with ease and warmth which makes you feel like you need to visit again and again. Shary is in commercial real estate focusing on the restaurant industry and investment sales from New York to Florida.




Scott Jenkins, Executive Chef
Phone: 703-998-8474
Email: chefscott@extravirginva.com

Scott brings over 18 years of top-notch culinary experience to Extra Virgin. Having worked in such positions as executive chef manager, sous chef, and director of food and beverage, he understands what it takes to keep a restaurant running smoothly and to provide unbeatable customer service. He holds a bachelor’s degree, specializing in the area of hospitality/tourism in hotel and restaurant management, with emphasis in culinary arts. Over the last 18 years, he has worked at such restaurants as Hilton’s Dan & Brad’s, O’Malley’s Restaurant and Lounge in Holiday Inn, and Barlow’s Restaurant in the Omni Hotel.

In addition to his education and experience, Chef Jenkins has been active in the community, providing healthy cooking demonstrations, and has won several awards, including manager of the month and the Omni Hotel’s National “Ideal Nourishment” contest. He also holds a Virginia Foods Manager certification, as well as ServSafe certification from the National Restaurant Association.

“I’m looking forward to this next chapter in my culinary journey,” adds Chef Scott Jenkins. “I’m happy that my skills will be put to use in such a fine dining establishment. I’m excited about the opportunity to meet the customers and help make their dining experience truly enjoyable.”


Greg Sanders, General Manager
Phone: 703-998-8474
Email: greg@extravirginva.com

2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Barbara February 19, 2013 at 1:51 am Reply

    Pizza really AWFUL and a real ripoff for a 9″ pizza – I should have paid attention to the size, but never would have guessed that a restaurant would serve a 9″ pizza! Am I at Target or Kmart??? Was attending a funeral at Arlington National Cemetery and staying with a friend who lives in Arlington who suggested we try your restaurant. I’m from California and must say that having a beautifully decorated restaurant doesn’t mean much if the food in below par. I found that to be the case in many non-chain restaurants in your area – where is the taste, flavor, fresh ingredients? You should really ask customers if they want that terrible mixture of olive oil and olives instead of letting you add to the olive oil yourself – yech!

    • virgintalk February 20, 2013 at 5:01 pm Reply

      Hi Barbara,
      Here’s a reply from Greg, Extra Virgin’s General Manager …
      “I am sorry that your experience was less than you expected. In reference to your issues: I will attempt to address them one at a time.
      As for the pizza size: the menu heading right under the pizzas clearly lists “personalized 9 inch” I am sorry that you didn’t see the heading before you ordered. As for the Kmart or Target menus, I’m afraid I cannot comment as I am unfamiliar with their menu. I wish you had notified me of your disappointment before you left and had given me the opportunity to fix the issues you described before you left so disappointed. I’m not sure about the olive oil and olive blend that you also mentioned, it is referred to as “tapenade” a very traditional Italian dipping blend, which once again we use only extra virgin olive oil and kalamata olives to prepare, for future reference we do have butter or plain olive oil if asked. It’s also complimentary with our bread. As for the “rip off, if it was the price that made you feel that way, maybe we could justify the price to you by informing you that we use only Capputto flour imported directly from Italy and is the finest pizza flour you can purchase, and we use only fresh Roma tomatoes and fresh local produce to support our toppings.” – Greg

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