Bangs/ Fringes for Round Faces

Round faces are charming and quite accommodating to any hairstyle you may like. However, hairstyles that keep hair off your face may be a bit unsuitable for round faces as they reveal the fullness of the round face. A bang which is also referred to as a fringe will make your face appear more elongated for an amazing look. You will, however, need to select a fringe that fits your other features such as the ability of your natural hair.

There are many types of bangs and the following will look awesome with your round face.

Textured Bangs

Bangs that are choppy textures give your round face a great look. Have them fall about half an inch above the eyebrows so as to give your round face an elongated illusion. Pushing this bangs slightly to the side gives it a bit of height and gives your hairstyle a magnificent finish.

Side Swept Bangs

These bangs are long and work very well with side-parted hairstyles. The fringe is combed down and as it hits the eyelashes, it is swept to the side to cascade diagonally to end just below the cheekbone. The diagonal cascade creates an elongating length illusion that goes very well to make your round face look amazing.

Curtain Bangs

These bangs are long and receive their name from the middle part that makes them fall on your sides to just barely touch the jawline like a curtain. They are suitable for any face shape and they will draw attention away from the extremes of your round face. The curtain bangs will give your face a diagonal elongation.

Graphic Bangs

Straight blunt bangs are considered by many stylists bad for round face. However, these graphic bangs have been tailored to make your round face look slimmer giving you a wow look. They are cut just above the eyebrows and are not straight blunt from end to end. The extreme sides are cut longer than the middle to give you a slimming effect. These graphic bangs is a wonderful; way to counter the softness of your round face.

There are many hairstyles that will look awesome with bangs on a round face. Some include;

  • Wavy medium length with bangs;
  • Medium feather cut with layers and side-swept bangs;
  • Straight blunt bob with graphic bangs;
  • Medium Length Waves with curtain bangs;
  • Fancy updo with curtain bangs.

Choosing a haircut with bangs will be much easier when you have knowledge of the bangs above. Be sure to check with your stylist how they will look with your natural hair or if you may need to manipulate it a bit. You have, however, assured an appearance that will fit your round face.