How to Style Medium Hairstyles for Round Faces

When styling any haircut for round face, you require a style that elongates the roundness of the face. The style should also enlighten the eyes and illuminate the lips and cheekbone. Women with round faces look amazingly youthful and energized and they need a hairstyle that can help them express their boldness.

If you love the length on your hair, a medium length hairstyle is perfect for your round face. Let’s look at amazing styles for medium length hairstyles that will look stunning with your round face.

Side Swept Bangs

This is a style that never seems to go out of fashion. The hair is shoulder length and a side part allows it to fall on the front side of the shoulders. The bangs are cut long so as to give room for a side sweep style. It is a glamorous look that brings out the best in your round face.

Angled shoulder Length

This haircut is wavy with darker hair roots for a great contrast effect. If your hair is naturally wavy, this will be an easy to attain style. A middle parting makes it beautiful, and classy. If your hair is naturally straight, you will need big rollers after every wash to maintain the waves.

Double toned Medium Layered Bob

This is a straight hairstyle that is side-parted and has layers all the way to the shoulders. The root of the hair is darker than the tips of the hair strands. It is basically a long bob whose tips can be made blunt or angled and still give your round face a great framing effect. If your hair is naturally of dark color like black or brown, dye the tips of your hair with a brighter color. If your hair is a lighter color such as blonde, dye the roots of your hair with a dark color for the best effect.

Single Length Medium Bob

This is a long bob with no layers. It is the single length and blunt. A middle part works best for this hairstyle. It falls on the shoulders and a tuck behind the ear on one side will give you that extra sophistication. It is perfect for an executive look for a lady with round faces.

When choosing a style, be sure to check how suitable it is for your other features such as eye color and skin tone. Be sure also to consider the hair color you are comfortable with as well as how much you want to manipulate your natural hair. Other medium length styles for round faces include:

  • Feather cut framing layers with fringe;
  • Double tone wavy bob;
  • Shaggy curly lob;
  • Wavy triangle layers;
  • Wavy Layered lob with bangs.

Choosing to style your medium length hair in one of these styles will guarantee a great look for your round face.