Pixie Hairstyle for Round Face and Thin Hair

A pixie haircut is generally cutting the hair shorter at the temples and nape and leaving longer hair on the crown. It has over time become one of the most trending women hairstyles. Most women feel like a pixie haircut will make their hair look even finer than it is and are afraid it may not be suitable for their round faces.

There are some unspoken rules if you desire a pixie and you have a round face and fine hair:

  • Ensure your pixie has the volume on top.
  • Get a pixie that gives an elongating illusion to your face.
  • Style it in a manner that creates more of an oval look and gives an illusion of thickness.

The first step should be determining your face shape is round for sure which you can find on the site birch box and the link is available.

Pixie hairstyles are many and have different trendy styles and you are guaranteed an amazing look. Here are some gorgeous pixie haircuts for your round face and fine hair:

Undercut With Layered Top

The sides and back are shaved and strands get longer at the top drawing attention to your crown. Have the top longer hair layered and if possible go for triangle layers that create a body and an illusion of thickness. This look hides away the thin texture and gives you an amazing look that brings out your round face as bold and beautiful.

Long Top Layers and Swept Bangs

The sides are cut short as well as the nape barely touching the neck. The top is cut long with layers and the front is endorsed with long bangs. Sweep the bangs to the side giving precision to the long top layers as you sweep them with a turn to the side then backward. The long layers remain free and flow with the wind while the bangs frame your round face to a gorgeous well-framed look.

Messy Pixie Cut

This pixie brings around a bit of a bowl cut and the hair at the back is cut quite short. The sides are relatively short with well-framed angular sideburns. The hair is longer and asymmetrical with no particular order at the tousle. Short blunt bangs are great and will draw attention to the top which will look voluminous and thick.

Spiky Feathered Pixie

The hair at the back is cut short and length is increased as you move towards the top. The longer top hair will look awesome with feather cut layers that give this haircut a spiky look. It may take a while to blow-dry it right to attain the spiky finish on your own. However, the result is a great look that gives you confidence and expresses joy and a carefree spirit.

Asymmetrical Bright Pixie

It is long at the top with one side longer and the strands of hair get shorter as they move to the back with the back barely covering the neck. This haircut gives your fine hair extra texture and your round face gets a well-framed finish. This haircut looks amazing in bright colors such as white, blonde with even brighter highlights.

These amazing pixie haircuts will ensure your round face is complemented and your fine hair appreciated.