Know Your Style: Best Hairstyles for Round Faces

Many people think choosing a hairstyle for a round face is a challenge but it’s one of the easiest things to do. Best hairstyles for round-faced men requires a balanced haircut. This hairstyle helps in elongating the face while trying to limit the width of the face. There are other recommended haircuts for round-faced men such as;

  • High skin fade and long comb over;
  • A textured spiky hair and low bald fade;
  • A low fade cut with the line-up and a curly afro;
  • A high fade with a shape up and long comb-over.

There are many hairstyles that would suit different people who have varying lengths and volume of hair. The best option for a round-faced man is a haircut that does not increase the width of his face. The hairstyle should have sharp angles and volume where the sides should be short and the top part long. This aims to increase the length of the face while reducing the face width.

Basics of Choosing a Haircut for A Round-Faced Man

While there are many hairstyles for round-faced men, there are basics that need to be considered. One of the key aspects is to avoid a haircut that makes the face rounder by increasing the face width. The barber should ensure the haircut on the sides and the back is shorter than the top part. Making the face longer gives a better look compared to a rounder face. With a long top cut, the hair can be styled in various hairstyles.

Balanced Pompadour

The barber should ensure that the back and sides have short hair while the upper part has a long one. This is one of the best haircuts that allows one to style pompadour, slick back as well as quiff or side part. 

Classic Pompadour

This is one of the best hairstyles for round faces as it adds volume to the hair without compromising the face width. The hairstyle is combined with a high skin fade and other times with an undercut. 

Faux Hawk

This is a popular hairstyle which has a taper fade on the sides with a longer hair towards the centre. The style adds height to the hair and is like a Mohawk style which is pointed, edgy and modern. The style is suitable for those men with rounded faces trying something new. 

Spiky Hair 

This style is also best for round-faced men as it offers an easier way of adding volume for those who have short hair. The style offers a hot and edgy look due to the spiky heights which is balanced with the width of the round face.

The hairstyles above are all great for men with round faces. However, be sure to choose what really defines you, a style you love and will feel confident and bold in.